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23 February 2009

David T. Rideout plat & John C. Jones, his brother-in-law

(Update Aug 2014, I can confirm New Rd was Tolbert Rd, I visited this property.)
I am trying to confirm that this "New Road" at the top of this plat, is Tolbert Rd. I believe it is, but can't completely prove it. I believe that the northeast corner of this plat is the intersection of Tolbert and Blackridge roads, and that Hall Store is about where that outbuilding is in the upper right corner of this plat. I got this plat from a chancery case, where DT Rideout died and the land is being divided. The case told which piece of land each child was getting, so I wrote notes on this page. If you click on this picture of the plat (or any other picture within postings), you can see it full screen. I am trying to find out where this plat would exist today, because the John C. Jones, written on the left of this plat is the brother of my gr. grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Jones. And I believe John inherited the land from his parents. We have yet to find any burials for the James B. Jones family, (of which John C. Jones and Sarah Jones Gray are a part of) and this plat is the best clue I have yet.
I believe this plat is land inherited from Isaac Taylor. On the 1860's Gilmore map, Taylor is marked there on the map. And on that map, it looks like Tolbert Rd. DT Rideout married Mary E. Taylor, and John C. Jones married the sister, Sarah Taylor, the same day. A double wedding on 14 Dec 1865. And they lived next door on each Census. So sisters living next door, and the DT Rideout chancery stating it was Mary Taylor's estate, suggests this land used to belong to their father, Isaac Taylor.

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