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20 February 2009

John R. Cole family

This is a group of people I've been trying to find land and a family cemetery for. They intermarried with my family & owned land next to several of my families. I don't know where this intersection is. But the Coles did live in Bracey. They may have moved later, because in abt 1870, John R. Cole was also attending Kingswood Church. John was the leader, (possibly pastor?) at Rehoboth church off Blackridge Rd for many years, probably 2o years. Munsey Adams Moore found this cemetery info, and gave a copy to a lady who gave a copy to me Dec 29, 2008. Munsey has done some amazing things locating all the old hidden family cemeteries! I seriously appreciate his efforts! I do hope to locate and photograph this cemetery as soon as I can find out where it is.
Here's from my friend:
I worked on the Cole family a little yesterday and I found where some of the Coles are buried. There is a cemetery located on the left side of Hwy 847 4/10 mile from Hwy. 623 intersection. The cemetery is in an open field behind a trailer. I haven't been to the cemetery, but I have a listing of the tombstones. They are as follows:

Clarence W. Cole - 13 July 1930 - 10 Jan. 1981
Betty I. Cole - 31 July 1934 - 24 Feb. 1982 (both on same stone)
Bella Jones Cole - w/o John R. Cole - 18 July 1844 - 5 Feb. 1929
John Zeb Cole - Daddy - 20 Aug. 1885 - 25 Nov. 1964
Susan Johnson Cole - Mama - 24 Oct. 1893 - 8 Apr. 1965 (both on same stone)
Vernon C. Cole - 16 Aug. 1924 - 5 Feb. 1982
Evelyn H. Cole - 4 Nov. 1928 -
Ella E. "Lizzie" Cole - Aunt
Lillian Cole Case - 3 May 1909 - 31 May 1977
Martin Marion Case - 3 Oct. 1881 - 10 Nov. 1963 (both on same stone)
Ella H. Cole - 1875 - 1918
William I. Cole - 1878 - 1942
Maggie K. Cole - 1889 - 1942 (all on same stone)
Other graves marked with field rocks.

I don't know where any of the other Coles are buried.


The Coles said...

Hi Julie! I wonder if we are related to any of these Cole's. We will have to check it out! Thanks! Heidi

Julie Cabitto said...

I'd love to check that out with you.

Anonymous said...

I am researching the Cole family (my wife is the 3x granddaughter of John R. Cole). There is a Cole Family cemetery in Bracy, but I don't know for sure where it is located. Here is a link to the names of those interred there ... http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gsr&GScid=2367580

Sam Allgood
samallgood1 at cox.net