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02 March 2009

Julie & Aaron Cabitto's 13th Anniversary

This is a slightly different post, to notate my history for a moment. Today is Aaron & my 13th anniversary. Here's a picture last year for our 12th anniversary, to match my profile picture. I'm not in leg braces this year, but it is a lot of work to keep them at bay.

The last 6 years, we go away overnight to visit a historic & beautiful place, not too far away. We check out the local history, local food, and find good places to go for walks. On our 8th anniversary we went to Mt. Jackson, VA (Shenandoah's); 9th Orange, VA; 10th Washington DC; 11th Charlottesville, VA, including Monticello; 12th Richmond, VA; this year, 13th, we went to Annapolis, MD this past weekend.

Last year the Richmond Capitol was newly restored, and this year, the Annapolis capitol just reopened last month. I'm really glad Aaron loves history, museums, art and good food. Cause that's what we do on our trips. And I'm glad I have my best friend to share my favorite things with. Here is a picture of us this year, to the left. I got a fancy beaded pink purse for a nice date we went on last year. I normally like simple things, but I thought this purse looked like Cinderella going to the ball with Prince Charming. Aaron jokingly told me we weren't going to a ball. And I said a date that was two days long and no housework is definitely Cinderella going to the ball! So I carried my fancy pink ball purse with me the whole time :) I love my Aaron!

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Da Ilaoa's said...

I just watched your slide show. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Glad you joined the blogging world, its a fun way of journaling.