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14 June 2009

Book: History of the Ebony, Virginia Area c.1993-The same house as pg 103?

See message posting for 6 Sep 2009. It has the correct picture. Note on 28 Aug 2009- My friend Teresa who is a
Barker researcher did some searching and found out this was not the right Barker house. She took a picture of the correct house and is sending me a copy soon. Here was the older post and questions, in hopes to not spread incorrect info. And to attach the answer with the question.

I have the book: History of the Ebony, Virginia Area c.1993. I read the story about Edward Beasley Barker starting on pg 101. This Edward was the son of Richard Barker & Cissila Ann Jones. There is one small error in the text though. It says that Ann died in 1901, but on the 1900 Census, Richard is living with his son Edward & listed as widowed. I believe the author accidentally switched the info for Richard & Cissila. There is a picture of Edward Barker's house on pg 103 of the book. I followed the directions of the book. I was traveling north to Barker Cross Roads, and I saw this house on the left. I took two pictures from different angles. My friend Teresa Barker & I had planned to try to visit or talk to the owners, and we weren't expecting the house to look empty. We are looking for Barker & Jones kin. I'm hoping someone can tell me if the pictures I took are the same as page 103 & the same as Edward Barkers house. My friend Teresa & I were trying to figure out on a map where the Barkers (and other ancestors) lived. And identifying this picture would help anchor the map. Cissila Ann Jones was sister to Sarah Elizabeth Jones, a great grandmother of mine. We're trying to locate where people lived, in effort to find old family cemeteries. I have not yet found a cemetery for the Jones, (But expect it to be in Bracey) for the generation of Cissila & Sarah. But I do know where several of their children and grand children are buried: Rehoboth Methodist church, Olive Branch Baptist church, Canaan Church Cemetery (was Methodist church) in Mecklenburg. In Brunswick (Ebony) I only know of Tabernacle United Methodist Church. Caroline Thomas married Edward Jones, and Caroline's children from her first marriage to Robert Joyce are buried at Tabernacle. This Edward was a sibling of Sarah & Cissila. John C. Jones was another sibling. It appears to me that all the Jones at Olive Branch are descendants of John C. Jones & Edward "Ned" Jones. So I continue to search for old family cemeteries.....
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Anonymous said...

Are there any copies of that book still available? My family is originally from that area, my father lent the book to a family member, and we've never seen it since. mtm0122@hotmail.com

Julie Cabitto said...

I am sorry your copy was lost. I do not know how to get any more of those books. I put a watch on Ebay & it took awhile to get my copy.