I realized quickly, with the lack of records for my family, that I’d really have to “think outside the box”. I LOVE to interview people, and ask about "the older days" in Mecklenburg. I also study USGS maps, plats, read chanceries, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try help preserve some of those memories people share with me. Feel free to sign my guestbook stating surnames you are looking for, who you're related to etc. Always a work in progress, a work that I truly love!

27 June 2009

Grady Clary & his friend Leonard Dortch- Trying to ID Grady Clary

Robert Leonard Dortch was known in Mecklenburg, VA as Leonard or Lenny. His second marriage was to Virginia Wynn Johnson. Leonard was in the military and lived in Norfolk for several years. After marrying Virginia in 1955, he brought her to Mecklenburg to the area he grew up in, to meet his friends & family. I hear that Robert lived near Crestview Cemetery off Highway One. There are several family pictures taken in this 1955 trip. Including this one with Grady Clary and an unknown young girl standing next to her. The older woman beside Grady Clary is Annie Burton Wright. Then there are some family pictures with Grady Clary in 1961. I'm wondering and guessing if this second picture in 1961 is Grady Clary & his wife? These pictures come from Leonard's descendants. But we don't know who Grady Clary is. Was he just a really good friend? Or was he family too? We do have several Clary kin. We are curious as to who Grady Clary's family was? And if Grady was a nickname or his real name? So far I can't find a Grady Clary on the 1930 Census. Please comment here or email me if you recognize the people in these pictures.
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