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05 July 2009

Martha Reid & Martha Newman-both married a James Jones. Sorting the Martha's & James out:

According to the James B. Jones Family Bible, (in Mecklenburg) he married Martha W. _____. No maiden name written. James & Martha & Jones are of course very common names, so it's easy to get confused. I didn't have a marriage date yet. I kept seeing people write "Martha Reid" as James B. Jones wife. And then a few times I saw Martha Newman. For awhile I was confused too, so I wrote "Martha Newman or Reid." I was reading some old family records. Nannie Gray Kidd's family records say "Nannie's grandmother was Martha Newman." which is the source I trusted the most. So I started reviewing all the sources I had on Martha & her husband James B. Jones. Everything I had did not have Martha's maiden name. So I continued to scrutinize the family, and look at other people's trees to compare their sources. Well, it appeared people that wrote "Martha Reid" had James & Martha married in Brunswick county, nine years after my James & Martha were having children. This part of my family tree only married in Mecklenburg, and earlier marriages were in Warren, NC. I couldn't totally rule out Brunswick, VA but I could rule out that marriage date, which was for Martha Reid. I finally found the marriage date for my family: James B. Jones and Martha Newman married in Warren County, NC on 27 Sep 1821.

Then I found something helpful in the book "Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, VA" by Dr. Pritchett. If you look under the Jones section, on pg 284 it says Edward Carroll Jones was son of James B. Jones & Martha Reid who were married about 1830 in Brunswick. James B. Jones & Martha Newman already had 6 children by 1830, and were still in Mecklenburg, the same time this other James & Martha were living in Brunswick. This Edward Carroll Jones is actually the son of Jame B. Jones & Martha Newman, my family. So I believe this to be an error in he book. On page 286 of this same book, under Private James Henry Jones it says, "..was a son of Rev. James Jones & Martha Reid who were married in Brunswick County in 1830." I found this helpful information. So it appears to me that there were two James Jones that each married a Martha. It also appears the James Jones in Brunswick was a minister and didn't always use his middle initial. And the Brunswick James Jones & Martha Reid married abt 1830 in Brunswick. My James B. Jones & Martha Newman lived in Mecklenburg, and were married in 1821, 9 years before the other Jones family. These Jones lived near Rehoboth Church (Blackridge) area in Mecklenburg. Some of James B. Jones & Martha Newman's children later lived awhile in Ebony. James B. Jones used his middle initial on every paper I've ever seen his name. My James B. Jones & Martha Newman had 15 children, raised in Mecklenburg. One child only lived to be age 11, the rest grew to adulthood. So the Martha in Brunswick had the surname Reid & the Martha in Mecklenburg had the surname Newman. So these are the ways I believe we can keep the two families straightened out :)

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