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06 September 2009

Edward Beasley Barker House

This picture was sent to me by Teresa Barker Hughes. Someone helped her find this house last month, and she took these pictures. We had hoped by finding the house, we'd be able to talk to the owner and see what they knew about the house or if there was a family cemetery on the property. It doesn't look like the house was lived in. But we'd still love to know what anyone may know about this house or a possible family cemetery on the property. Teresa is a Barker researcher, and a good friend of mine. I am very happy we met last year with our Barker/Jones research interests.
This picture is of Edward Beasley Barker's house. It is the correct picture near the corner of 611 & 662 in Ebony area, at Barkers Crossroad. Edward was the son of Richard T. Barker and Cissila Ann Jones. Teresa is a descendant of Richard Barker's brother: Benjamin Barker & Amanda C. Cleaton.
This is the correction to the message posting on this blog on 14 Jun 2009.
If you wish to contact Teresa about Barker research her email address is: sassyone@widomaker.com
If you know about Barkers and Bracey/Ebony area Jones I'd love to hear from you.

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