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05 February 2010

Charlie Clark, married Rosa Drewery Dortch

Rosa Drewery Dortch was known as "Drew" to her friends & family. She was the daughter of Charles William Dortch & Rosa Lee Perkinson. She grew up in LaCrosse (Mecklenburg). We knew she married a guy with the last name of Clark, & we knew she lived at Ellwood Ave in Richmond, VA. But that was all we knew for awhile. My first clue to Drew's husband, was that a Charlie L. Clark was the informant for Drew's brother, David Dortch's death certificate. David died from wounds from a fire. David was sent to a hospital in Richmond where Drew & her husband lived. So I figured this Charlie Clark was Drew's husband and went to look for more info. I found a Charlie Clark & a Rosa Clark in the listings for a veteran cemetery. I saw the death date, then went to the Richmond newspapers (Times & Dispatch) & looked for an obituary for Charlie, for within a few days of his death. I found that Charlie Clark in the veteran cemetery was indeed the Mr. Clark that Drew married with the Ellwood Ave address. The obituary for Charlie said he was buried in the Richmond National Cemetery, as the veteran cemetery database online had said. So I went to take a picture of Charlie & Drew's tombstones.

Unfortunately, the people that really knew Drew aren't living anymore. So I really don't know much about her or her husband. I do know Drew had a stroke rather young, so she often has a "crooked smile." My great grandmother had the address for Drew of 3112 Ellwood Ave. Since Charlie Clark is a common name, it's nice that his address kept helping identify that we had the right Charlie. I took a picture of their house at Ellwood Ave. Too bad the spray painted car is in the picture, because it's actually in a nice area, just off Monument Ave & I felt totally safe walking around & taking pictures. This picture of Drew was a picture my family had. I kept asking people if they recognized this house. Now that I look at this picture of Drew & her house today (red porch paint), I think it's Drew is standing in front of her Ellwood Ave house. There's a bright spot near the roof, I didn't notice when I took the picture of the row of houses, so I included both views.

Aggie found me from Charlie's family, & shared with me an amazing news article about Charlie. It gives the 3112 Elwood Ave address. I asked for permission to share it on my blog. So attached is the article from Aggie, the picture I took of Drew & Charlie's town house, the tombstone pictures & a picture of Drew. I find it humorous to see snow & she's in short sleeves. If anyone else knows about Drew or Charlie, I'd love to hear about them.
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