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24 April 2010

Frank Jones Gray's family

Frank Jones Gray was the son of John Gray (immigrated from Ireland) and Sarah Elizabeth Jones. He was born    
8 Feb 1864 in Mecklenburg, VA. Frank married Elizabeth E. Clary 27 May 1885, in Brunswick County, Virginia. They had 6 children born in Brunswick, then later Danville, Virginia:
1) an unknown child that was born and died after they married in 1885 but before the 1900 Census.
2) John R. Gray born 14 Apr 1886 in Mecklenburg and died in Danville, VA before the 1930 Census. He married a lady named Lillie abt 1910.
3) Nora L. Gray was born 20 Apr 1889 in Mecklenburg, VA and died 3 Apr 1953 in Hyattesville, MD. She married Daniel C. Slayton and they had Domer & Daniel Slayton. Then Nora married Mott Van Armes. (buried in Lunenburg, VA). Nora & Mott had Frank, Clyde & Thomas Armes.
4) Bessie May Gray was born abt 1894 & she married John H. Lewis. They had 2 children Frances & Margaret Lewis.
5) Nellie B. Gray was born abt 1903 & married someone with the surname Harrison after the 1930 Census.
6) Richard C. Gray was born abt 1905.

The family moved to Danville, Virginia with Franks siblings' families (except Alginon Gray and Nannie Gray Kidd) in the 1890's. They were there in Danville, on the 1900 Census, but Frank's family had moved to Brunswick, VA by the 1910 Census. On the 1910 Census, Frank's brother-in-law Robert J. Lynch was living with them. Robert was married to Louisa Gray & she had died soon before the census. Frank's wife Betty died on 21 Oct 1912. Later, in Danville, Virginia on 29 Mar 1917, Frank married Eula K. Bernard. Eula was the widow of Adrian M. Jeffriess, and they had Hazel & Raymond Jeffries. Eula, Hazel & Raymond moved to Alberta with Frank Gray & were in Alberta on the 1920 & 1930 Census. 

Frank Jones Gray died on 30 Jun 1941. His obituary said he was buried near Alberta. The death certificate said that too. I have not found where is buried yet. Elizabeth Clary's death certificate says she was buried at Mt. Carmel Church cemetery. There is no tombstone for her there. So she might be in an unmarked grave, or it could be a mistake, because that is not an area our Clary's or Grays lived. (They lived in Ebony & Alberta area) Eula went back to Danville after Frank died. Her brother James Thomas Bernard was there. Eula is buried in Leemont Cemetery, in Danville, by her first husband AM Jeffries. Frank Gray's siblings Martha Moseley & Thomas B. Gray are also buried in this cemetery.

I have made multiple visits to Brunswick County, looking for any cemetery I can find near Alberta, & no sign of Frank's tombstone. No sign of him on the Brunswick County Cemetery site. I have not been able to find any of Frank's children or grandchildren, or Eula's children & grandchildren. I went to Dundas Baptist church & there's no cemetery there. I might look for a cemetery in Dundas, but I don't know if the paper would consider Dundas "near Alberta." I have a picture that I believe might be Frank Gray's family, & would like someone from the family to look at it. I am also looking for several relatives & wondering if Frank is in a family cemetery. I am a descendant of Frank Gray's brother, Alginon Gray.  Click on images to view full screen.
--Frank Gray's obituary was  in an Alberta newspaper.
--The death notice for Raymond Jeffries was in the Danville Bee newspaper, 21 Apr 1930.
--Hazel Jeffries wedding announcement was in the Danville Bee newspaper, 11 Mar 1922.
--Dommer Elizabeth Slayton Huffman's obit was in the Washington Post in 1969. She was a grand daughter of Frank Gray.

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