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05 February 2012

I am posting the will of Goodwyn Taylor, married to Amy Malone. I see a lot of misinformation out there about this family, and these early Taylors. I love chanceries, because they specifically spell out relationships, under oath. It is one place a woman's maiden name is found, as well as family relationships before the 1850 Census. Chanceries can be a bit tedious with pages of who paid whom, to get their accounts in order. But where there is important genealogical information written, I do plan to start scanning and posting a paragraph here and there, of these chancery pieces. Wills are nice because they list the children or heirs. But chanceries give even more detail, sometimes list a spouse, or a marriage date, or a death date. Several Virginia counties are digitized online, through the Library of Virginia website. Mecklenburg is not digitized yet, you still need to visit the archives. The index is visible online though.

Goodwyn Taylor married Amy Malone (daughter of Drury Malone and Martha Jones). These families, as were the really early times (pre-Revolution days) for my families, were from Surry, Virginia. Goodwyn and Amy had 9 children:

1) Polly Jones Taylor, married James Watson
2) Sarah Taylor, married Abel Dortch
3) Susanna Taylor, married Thomas Watson
4) Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor, married David Dortch
5) Nancy Taylor, married John Cleaton
6) Martha Taylor, married John Cleaton
7) Goodwyn Taylor Jr., married an Elizabeth___?___
8) John Taylor married ? unknown, & had a son named John Taylor
9) Penelope Taylor married Herbert Cook

will pg 1
These families are in a few chanceries I have, usually for not being able to pay their debts. This Abel Dortch and David Dortch (above) are the older brothers of my ancestor Newman Dortch, married to Sally Speed. This will is dated 23 Jan 1786. Proven in court 9 Oct 1786. Click to view full screen.

will pg 2
will pg 3

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