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15 June 2012

Frank Gray and Eula Bernard 1940

I've made several trips to Brunswick County trying to find where Frank Gray was buried, and trying to locate a family cemetery. I have Frank Gray's obituary printed in Alberta which said "Frank Gray was buried near here." I am so frustrated, because that vague statement doesn't tell me anything! I got Frank Gray's death certificate and it didn't say where either, only, "Alberta, VA", which is in Brunswick, VA.

Frank Gray died in 1941, just one year after the 1940 Census. I thought that if I could find Frank on the 1940 Census, that would be a very good clue, probably the last record while he was living.  In cities, you get exact addresses on the Census. I hoped to get at least a clue in a rural area. I looked up Brunswick county and started scrolling through the images. On the 6th batch out of 17, I found them. It is pretty quick searching though. Frank and Eula were in district 11, (of Brunswick which is #13) Red Oak, just outside of Alberta. The set of people before them are on street 644, which I believe is called Brunswick Rd., north of 85. That would be the right area since one of the people in the obituary mentioned was a pastor at Dundas church, in that direction. Two families before Frank were living on Rd or route 644. Frank and his wife Eula were listed as living on Rd #34, as well as the 2 families beside them. I don't see that street on a map. The good thing is that Frank is listed as owning his house. I hope to sometime soon go visit Brunswick Courthouse and look up the deed to see the exact address. Then I'd like to go see the house and see if it is the same house that I have a picture of with people out front, (women and children) that I have wondered if they were Frank Gray's family.
I'm happy to now have the 1940 Census for Frank, which I believe may lead me closer to the family cemetery and possibly identifying an unlabeled Gray family picture.
Here is the Census image. Click on image to view full screen.

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