I realized quickly, with the lack of records for my family, that I’d really have to “think outside the box”. I LOVE to interview people, and ask about "the older days" in Mecklenburg. I also study USGS maps, plats, read chanceries, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try help preserve some of those memories people share with me. Feel free to sign my guestbook stating surnames you are looking for, who you're related to etc. Always a work in progress, a work that I truly love!

28 June 2012

billion graves website

This is a really neat video clip, (58 seconds), with GPS technology. You will even know where specifically the tombstone is in the cemetery! I have found some old cemeteries and shared with others to help. Some people have helped me find some of my ancestors. It's nice to help each other. This is something I've been thinking about a lot more since I can't travel as much and lately haven't been able to drive. This would be a huge benefit to others who can't travel. I live near a lot of old battlefields that I can visit with my family on weekends and can help as well. I just signed up today and can't wait to start. It is not exactly the same thing as findagrave. Check it out. If you have loaded images to findagrave as I have, can it hurt to have your info in two places? I believe the more accessible information like this is, the better! Now I'm going to go read the new info part more on their website....http://billiongraves.com/contribute.php

update- I also read that there are thousands of images already photographed by volunteers, waiting for transcriptions to be added into the website. All on the same link in this post. So if you can't drive, and want to help, you can still transcribe!

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