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30 September 2012

Abner and Delilah Newman about 1800 in Orange, Virginia

Click on image to view full screen. Or click on this link to see it at familysearch: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/XRM2-LYX  This was a collection I hadn't seen before. A few weeks later I saw the same collection on Ancestry.com and added it into my tree. See my blog post 5 Jul 2009, about sorting out the two Martha's married to a James Jones. I was glad to finally have some proof that this Martha did indeed have the surname of Newman, with dates matching the family Bible. What really surprised me though, was that she was born in Orange County Virginia. That is a good 2 1/2-3 hours to Mecklenburg by car ride. Not the typical migration pattern for anyone else in my family that I know of. So I'm really curious as to how she ended up so much further south to meet James B. Jones? I went to look in familysearch.org and Ancestry.com and realized there were not any Orange county marriages for the really early dates, the time period Abner and Delilah would have married. I live in Spotsylvania, VA not too far away from Orange, so I drove to the Orange courthouse. On the cover of the book was a note that said the book had not been microfilmed or recorded, and that no photocopies could be made. I was surprised to find that if I didn't go to the courthouse I would not have been able to see if they were married there or not. A visit to the Orange County Courthouse was the only way to access these records.  I did not see Abner Newman or any one who could look like him, in any book, in the courthouse before 1830. So maybe Abner and Delilah just rented land? I did find an Abner Newman on the 1782 Census in Orange County. I went to Spotsylvania County and did the same search with no results either. No marriage record, tax record, or land record, ...I couldn't find any record of them in Orange or Spotsylvania, Virginia. There was an Abner Newman who was in the Revolutionary War, who went to Culpeper which is on the other side of Orange county, but I just don't think he could be the right age or place to be the father of Martha, to have met James B. Jones. I have seen some DAR filings with that Abner Newman and my family does not line up with this family at all. I have done a lot of searching and so far, this record (above) is the only place I see the name Abner Newman and Delila. The only records I can find for an Abner Newman in the right area is the Abner Newman who fought in Virginia in the Revolutionary War, which I don't think can be connected to my Abner because of timing and location (going out to Shenandoah), and an 1782 Census in Orange County and an 1840 Census in Culpeper County. I don't think these seem to fit Martha Newman's family.  I also do not see Newmans in any will or chancery indexes in this time period there. Martha Newman married James B. Jones in Warren County, North Carolina in Sep 1821. I see Abner and Delila Newman on this record but wonder who they were? And where they were? I'm keeping my eyes open, still looking.....

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