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17 February 2013

Granderson Glover, seizures, genetics

I wear leg and knee braces daily, and have complicated migraines. I use a walker and now have a wheel chair. A few years back I tried to fight things more than I should have. I tried so hard to exercise so when I visited Mecklenburg, I wouldn't be in leg braces. (Then I'd wear myself out.) I was afraid people would think I was fragile, and I wanted to see this cemetery. Well, the day arrived and I was still not able to get out of leg braces. But it turned out to be a good thing. Lindbergh Tudor asked me if I wanted to take a ride on his wagon he made. I got a better tour of the farm this way. And Lindbergh and I got into a discussion when I told him that my walking problem was neurological. He listed a few family members with neurological problems. Here's what I know about neuro stuff in my Glover line. There may be more, but this is what has been confirmed.

Granderson's first wife was Clarkey Anderson. Clarkey had a sister name Emmeline Anderson (b. 1821- after 1880 Census-Smith County, TN.) Emmeline was listed as insane in the Census, believed to mean, seizures.

Granderson Glover and Clarkey Anderson had:
1. Dorcas C. Glover (1842-1863) died single
2. Tabitha Glover (1844-1864/1866)-married Edward Kidd
*3. Tennessee Jordan Glover (1847-1919) -married Alvin Dortch. Oldest child, Theresa Dortch Gray died from seizures

Granderson Glover and Arimenta Kidd had:
1. Mary Elizabeth Glover ( 1855-1901)- married James Lundy Clary. Betty had grand mal seizures
2.  Richard Field Glover (1856-1929)- married Laura Quigly
3. Oliver P. Glover (1859-1929)- married Orie Foster
4. Christine Ann Minnie Glover (1861-1930) - married Charles Allen Tudor. A descendant (child or grandchild) had Bell's Palsy.

A grand daughter of James Lundy Clary wrote me. She told me Betty's 10 year old daughter used to rush home from school to check on her mom every day, worried about her seizures. At the time I read the letter, my daughter was 10 and it hit me real hard, because my daughter worried too. A friend of mine has a medical book from that time period. They treated seizures with arsenic and mercury! Crazy! Living with neuro stuff probably wasn't very easy then and it isn't so easy now either. But thankfully medicine has improved. There is still a lot unknown about the brain.  But the struggles we have, we can bet our ancestors had them too. We can assume our ancestors had health problems and had to raise their children with health problems and very little money. It definitely helps me to remember I have other ancestors with "ornery brains" like me! We can learn and be encouraged from those who went before us.

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