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09 March 2013

Virginia Veterans at the Virginia War Memorial- Part 1

Wall of Honor starting with USS Cole
picture two of first half
flags & fallen soldier

My husband and I went to Richmond, Virginia to celebrate our anniversary. We both love history, art, and photography. I made two stops to take pictures and notes for my blog. (The Virginia War monument and Chimborazo hospital museum -which will be the next subject for a post). It was a very cloudy, overcast day, which I knew would be perfect for photographing the war monument, (regarding reflections on the glass walls). The last time I went, I heard they were just about to expand the monument. I wanted to see what they did, plus take pictures of all of Mecklenburg and Brunswick county names on the walls.

Part 2
If a person's name is on the wall, that means they died as a result of battle. This monument begins with WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and continues to the present. Virginia is the only state with a monument like this. There is a temporary display for all the more recent soldiers who have died from Virginia, including their picture. Starting with the USS Cole. There were 4 Virginians on the USS Cole. Here are some pictures of that exhibit of the most recent soldiers, on the right. Some unit flags in the theater room are on the left. Then a couple other museum pics below, centered. In the museum there are manikins dressed in uniforms from Virginia for each war or conflict, including women's uniforms. Near the entrance there is a symbolism display for missing in action soldiers. There are a number of movies to watch too. There's also a library you can visit and research by appointment. If you had a relative who fought for Virginia, if you are interested in Virginia veterans, or just love veterans, you will love and appreciate this monument and museum. This post is just a little glimpse of what is there and available.

This is the website:   http://www.vawarmemorial.org/VAWM/default.aspx
address and phone:
621 S. Belvidere Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220

I will post in a few minutes all names from Brunswick and Mecklenburg, Virginia as Part 2.  Click on any picture to view full screen. All these pictures were taken by my husband and I, -1 Mar 2013.

top of Vietnam wall

Persian Gulf

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