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05 February 2014

Cleaton family cemetey- Mecklenburg, VA

In Feb 2011, a lady named Betty asked me if I knew about a Cleaton cemetery in Mecklenburg, VA. The few Cleaton families I knew about lived in Marengo, Blackridge and Bracey areas. Which is where a lot of my family is from, and where I search for cemeteries. So far, the ones I have found, have been the result of collaborative efforts. Many of the cemeteries are way off the road and back in the trees. If long forgotten, like another one that I'm looking for, the trail gets covered and growth so thick, you can't get to it without a lot of help. I asked Betty if she could tell me anything about it. I quote these 3 sentences: 
"My granddaddy and my grandma are buried in the Cleaton family cemetery and so is my uncle Richard Wesley. All I can remember is that this cemetery was out in the middle of the woods of course. I was only ten years old at the time."

I asked everyone I know that knows about cemeteries in the area and no one had heard of a Cleaton cemetery. So I thought, why not do a query on my blog?
If you might have an idea of where this could be or know someone I can talk to about getting to a little family cemetery in these areas (even if not the Cleaton one), please let me know by email. And I'll talk with them about seeing it and taking pictures to share and archive. 

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