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15 February 2014

Newman Dortch's deposition in 1824, Mecklenburg, VA

This chancery is about Rebecca Dortch Taylor being unable to pay debts. This is one of the depositions, of the most interest to me, because it is my gr...grandfather Newman Dortch being interviewed.  Here are some important things for me in this deposition: Newman was testifying about his sister, Rebecca Dortch, who married David Taylor. I knew David and Rebecca had a daughter named Rebecca Taylor who married Lewis Poythress. But this chancery case also shows Edmund Taylor saying "my mother", Rebecca (Dortch) Taylor. Even though Taylor is a very common name, I could only find one record mentioning an Edmund Taylor besides this chancery in Mecklenburg/Brunswick area, and that is a marriage of Edmund Taylor to  Mahala Crowder 9 Dec 1811. I highlighted other things that helped me. A reference to Newman's fathers estate, and reference and dates of him working as a clerk of the court. 
Here's Newman's signature after the Deposition: 

Deposition of Newman Dortch- Taken Friday 1 Oct 1824
The deposition of Newman Dortch of lawful age taken at the store of Charles Baskerville & brothers in the County of Mecklenburg on Friday the first day of October 1824. To be read as evidence in a suit in chancery now depending in the county court aforesaid wherein Edmund Taylor Adm of Rebecca Taylor died, formerly Rebecca Dortch are plaintiffs and Charles Baskerville & George Baskerville admin of David Dortch deceased who was Executor of David Dortch the Elder are being defendants being duly sworn deposeth and saith-
That he after the death of David Dortch his father, understood from his mother Lucy Dortch also deceased that the 50 pounds legacies left in the will of the said David Dortch (the Elder) was done with adieu (?) to cert. (the several legateez to whom the said fifty pound legacies were bequeath) and from any further proportion on his estate-having before the date of the said will given and delivered over to some of these this respective proportions in negroes; to wit Noah Dortch, Rebecca Taylor & Hillica Moss, = Lucy Dortch, now Lucy Ryland to the least of this deponents recollection were given her by the will together with the fifty pounds- land of which will be more fully seen by a reference to the said will- That this deponent while he wrote in the clerk office had after sealed those legacies by the scale of deprecation and to the last of his present recollection the scale at the date of the said will was seventy five for one or thereabouts- That a suit was instituted by Jessie Dortch one of the legateez of said David Dortch the older against David Dortch the younger in the said county of Mecklenburg and a decree entered in his favour about the year of 1802, in which decision the court sealed the said legaceez and entered a decree in his favour for the one twelfth part of the remaining part of the remaining part of the estate- the answer of the said David Dortch Excr having set forth those legacies for his own safety and which answer being drawn by George Craghead Esq of Lunenburg reference being had to the said last will fully appear-
That he this deponent has after heard David Dortch the Executer of his father say that David Taylor who was the husband of said Rebecca had purchased to a large amount at the sale of his father’s estate & his deponent thirty L. 150 for which he held said Taylor bond or bond & could not get payment and should have to loose the amount as he had held up the bond or bonds to favour him tell said Taylor who together with the security had become insolvent- That the said David Taylor died leaving the said Rebecca in loss and pecuniary circumstances, -the he often heard this David Dortch say he had to aid and assist her to keep her from suffering- said that he had assisted her to the last of this deponents recollection with a Negro girl to aid & assist her-the contracts of which statement this deponent has no right to doubt. –

Question by defendants- Were you not one of the twelve legatees mentioned in the above decree Jessie Dortch apt said David Dortch Exr ?
Answer- Yes- I have long since received of said Exr my proportion of said decree
Question by same- Do you not know that David Taylor was insolvent some time previous to his death- And had this pecuniary difficulty are such as to regrence any thing that might be due to him from the said David Dortch as Exr aforesaid ?
Answer:  I believe & have no doubt that they were as seen pretty certain that several executors were returned against him by the sheriff “no effects aforesaid paid (?)” This deponent being appointed on deputy clerk from Nov 1791 to Nov 1793 after which he acted in capacity of assistant Sheriff for several years.
Question by Plaintiff-  Do you not know that these were a legacy due to my mother Rebecca Taylor (Question would be by Edmund Taylor)  from the said estate of David Dortch Sen. deceased of whom David Dortch  Adm the deft. was the Exr.
Answer: I know of no legacy or money due from the said Dortch only such as appears by the papers concerning said estate. The said David Dortch Exr having often said that said Taylor was indebted to him as Executor aforesaid which by his surety (?)  to said Taylor he should loose- And this deponent believes constitutes a part of the court placed on the administrator amount of the testators estate as settled & reported by the commissioner , appointed for that purpose-
Question by defendants- Was not the said David Dortch at all times and at all times able & solvent to pay any debts or legacees due from him in dep___ of executional bond?
Answer- The said David Dortch was at all times able as his estate since his death sufficiently testifies- and further this agreement saith not only that the said suit Jesse Dortch against David Dortch Exr he always understood from the parties was brought for the purpose of legally settling the point of the fifty pounds legaseez & not from the unwillingness to settle the sum-lawfully with the parties concerned.-
Nm Dortch
Mecklenburg County Court
Sworn to & _entered by and before us justices of the peace for the said county by the above named by Newman Dortch this day and year aforesaid.
                                                                                    Thomas Taylor JP
                                                                                    EH Pute JP

Newman Dortch Deposition
Returned and presented in seal the 9th Oct 1824

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