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13 July 2014

Very odd Danville, Virginia marriage laws

I went to Danville, VA to look for a few of my Gray's who married there. I went to the courthouse with a list of people who should have been married then. I couldn't find my people, yet, there were people getting married then. I asked in the courthouse and library and was told there were some odd marriage laws at the time. If you were a resident of Danville, you often couldn't get married in the city, people often went close by to North Carolina. Yet it wasn't as if Danville couldn't marry people. I found one couple, Frank Gray and Eula Bernard's marriage record in the courthouse. Eula lived her whole life in Danville, before marrying Frank, but Frank was not a resident. Since I saw their certificate I wondered if maybe Eula was actually in Pittsylvania county and not actually Danville, for me to find their record.

But then I was doing some searches on familysearch, and I saw a marriage record for Frank Gray and Eula married in Roanoke, VA. I was so surprised, because I found their record in Danville!

I found an article in the Danville Bee newspaper about marriage records. It was written 4 Dec 1924, around the time I was looking for marriage records. Click on images to view them larger. Thankfully a friend noticed for me, that this marriage record while in the Danville Courthouse, it does say that the marriage occurred in Roanoke. How confusing then!

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Lisa said...

Julie, This is fascinating to me. This explains why my NC ancestors married in Danville and why my VA ancestors married in NC. Thanks for sharing.