I realized quickly that I’d have to “think outside the box” to learn about my ancestors. I LOVE to interview people, and listen to stories about "the older days" when life seemed a little slower and simpler. I study USGS maps, plats, read chanceries, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try to help preserve memories people share with me. This blog is ad free, so it's easier to focus on sharing stories. Feel free to sign the guestbook, or join the FaceBook group. Even if we aren't related by DNA, I'd still love to hear about your research efforts and family stories. I am interested in posting (to this blog) stories relevant to the Mecklenburg-Brunswick families.

19 February 2016

Mecklenburg FaceBook group, a partner with this blog

I realized that a lot of the younger people that I know or are related to, don't read blogs very much, they are spending time on facebook. I find more family history researchers on Google+. In efforts to share with more people (and find more Mecklenburg researchers), I started this group on facebook. It is closed (safety), but not secret, so you can find it here if you'd like to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MecklenburgVAGen/ 
I started out with taking smaller versions of my blog posts and posting them in the facebook group. My idea was to mostly post a picture and tell a little about it. Small pieces for people to digest. So family could see a cool picture, but not get information overload if they aren't that interested in family history. My health has grudgingly made it harder for me to type up the many ideas in my head and share them. 

Apparently, there was another bigger group, open to the public. It kept getting spammed so much that the admin recently shut it down. It was called Mecklenburg County, my group is without the word county, and has the cool tobacco barn at the top. A number of people asked to join my group after the other page closed down. And then this great thing started happening. People who are strangers to me started posting pictures and telling about their family in Mecklenburg. I'm really happy about this. It's exactly what I've been wanting!!! Now it feels like the group is getting off the ground. I really don't like to be the only one talking, I prefer to hear what others have to say. Even if I'm not related to them, hearing their gives me ideas, and still gives me a feel for the history of the county. I hope more people will join, and share their pictures and stories. Then I can just admin, enjoy others posts, and do notes about my blog posts here. There are now some people in the group that their families have been there since early days. So I think we can start asking questions and helping each other out with ideas too. I will also start asking some people if they are willing to share their same stories and pictures in posts here, credited to them, as guest blog posts. I think doing the blog and facebook group can be really helpful for people from Mecklenburg.

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