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09 March 2016

Martha Newman married James B. Jones

There's been some confusion over the years regarding Martha's maiden name. The one married to James B. Jones with children living in the Bracey, Blackridge and Ebony areas. Martha had 15 children she raised to adulthood. That's an amazing thing today, but in her time period it's extra amazing to me!! Martha lived from 1804 to 1870. Some people thought Martha's maiden name was Reid. There was a Martha Reid who married a James Jones in Brunswick, VA. But my gr...grandfather, he is notated with his middle initial as James B. Jones. He lived his whole life near Nelly Jones Rd and  Blackridge Rd, in the area of Rehoboth Methodist church. The family Bible didn't say Martha's maiden name. I met with some descendants of Nannie Gray Kidd who told me their family knew Martha's maiden name was Newman. I found Martha's death record on FamilySearch.org. It said she was married to James B. Jones and that her parents were Abner and Delilah Newman. I have since discovered that her mother was Dorothy Steagall, probably with Delilah as a middle name. Martha Newman and James B. Jones were married in Warren, NC 27 Sep 1821. I have recently learned from two chanceries that Martha Newman had several siblings: Elizabeth, Varinda, Parthenia, William, Nancy Anne and Emma. (More on that in a future blog post.)

I found a death record this week, for of one of James B. Jones and Martha Newman's children, Anna. Another Jones relative told me it existed and was available in the new Virginia vital records collections. So I went to find it. Anna married William Lewis Poythress. Her death record states that her mother's maiden name is Newman. (Image in this post) Anna's death record also says she's buried near Blackridge, VA. A number of her descendants are buried at Rehoboth church. So could she be buried there? Or is there a Jones homestead that she and the siblings were buried at?  I've only been able to find the burial place of one of Martha and James children, which is their youngest, James Newman Jones. He's buried at Rehoboth church. I'll keep searching for the answers to these questions.

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