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18 July 2016

The Newman and Steagall families

Martha Newman was married to James B. Jones. That was as far back as I knew, for a long time. Then on FamilySearch, I discovered Martha's death record. It listed her spouse James and parents: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/XRM2-LYX?from=lynx1 Abner and Delilah Newman. I was surprised to see it said she was born in Orange County, Virginia. That seemed pretty far away to me, about a 3 hour drive by car. And this was about 110 years ago before cars! After awhile of searching, I found her father Abner Newman was in Mecklenburg for the War of 1812. He was listed as an Ensign, for the 98th Regiment. Then I found Abner and Delilah's marriage record 8 May 1792 in Brunswick. So I figured the Orange County notation had to be a mistake. Partly, I was thinking very limited, because several people I talked with never left the area, or traveled more than a few miles from their house.

I was talking with a genealogist friend who knows the Fredericksburg, Orange area very well. He's also from Mecklenburg. He pointed out that the Newmans and Steagalls had money, so it was highly likely they had the money for a coach and traveled. He also told me there were Indian trading routes that went from Orange to Mecklenburg area, so it is likely. He gave me the example of the Washington's and how spread out through Virginia their family was, yet they did visit each other. I found an Occaneechi trail went from Petersburg through Mecklenburg and Brunswick.
But I haven't yet found a map from Orange to Mecklenburg, even though it is a pretty straight line on a map.The current highway 15 looks like it goes from Orange to Mecklenburg, but that's to Clarksburg, the other side of the county than my family was at. My family bordered Mecklenburg and Brunswick Counties. After I updated the Newman stuff in my tree on ancestry.com, someone from Parthenia Newman's family sent me a link to this amazing family Bible-like record for Abner Newman and Dorothy Delilah Steagalls children which were:
1) Martha Newman married James B. Jones
2) Nancy Newman married George Newman (Orange)
3) Emily/Emma Newman married Edward Walker
4) Varinda Newman married David Walker
5) * Parthenia Newman married Freeman Walker
6) Elizabeth Newman married William Harwell
7) William Newman

This link shows a scanned image of the papers: Freeman Walker family records @ LVA    Interestingly from a chancery case, I learned Nancy Newman married a cousin and they lived in Orange, Virginia.

(More soon on the Steagall family and the chancery cases I found.)

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