I realized quickly that I’d have to “think outside the box” to learn about my ancestors. I LOVE to interview people, and listen to stories about "the older days" when life seemed a little slower and simpler. I study USGS maps, plats, read chanceries, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try to help preserve memories people share with me. This blog is ad free, so it's easier to focus on sharing stories. Feel free to sign the guestbook, or join the FaceBook group. Even if we aren't related by DNA, I'd still love to hear about your research efforts and family stories. I am interested in posting (to this blog) stories relevant to the Mecklenburg-Brunswick families.

Mecklenburg-Brunswick Gold Star Veterans at Virginia War Memorial

For more information, I highly recommend a visit to the monument, or at least a visit to the website. Here's the memorial's contact info:

This is the website:   http://www.vawarmemorial.org/VAWM/default.aspx
address and phone:
621 S. Belvidere Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220

See the two blog posts on 9 Mar 2013 with pictures to go with these names, and pictures of the monument. If you see a picture with a name on it you are interested in, email me, and I'll be happy to send you the picture. I take pictures for archiving and preservation.

  1. Eddie W. Allgood
  2. Lloyd T. Allen
  3. G.B.  Ashworth
  4. Dillard B. Baisey Jr.
  5. George T. Blalock
  6. Ralph B. Brown
  7. Amos R. Buchanan
  8. James W. Bunn
  9. James E. Burton
  10. Albert M. Bushell
  11. Walter A. Cabiness
  12. Samuel D. Carey
  13. Charles Carter Jr
  14. Arthur N. Clarke
  15. Joseph N. Cole
  16. Johnnie W. Crowe
  17. William H. Crowe
  18. Scott Davis
  19. William J. Douglass
  20. William H. Ezelle
  21. Kenneth E. Farrar
  22. Calvin E. Gualdin
  23. James S. Gordin Jr
  24. Clarence J. Gregory
  25. Harry P. Hamilton
  26. Stanley B. Hammond
  27. Charley P. Hatchell
  28. James E. Hayes
  29. C. B. Hendrick Jr
  30. James C. Herndon Jr
  31. Jessie Hite Jr
  32. Arnold G. Hudson
  33. Samuel G. Hudson
  34. Carl W. Jackson
  35. Jessie F. Jarrell
  36. Lawrence H. Johnson
  37. Douglas H. Jones
  38. Thomas B. Jones
  39. Hailey W. King
  40. Walter F. Kizer
  41. Willie B. Lambert
  42. William A. Leach
  43. Clarence P. Lockett
  44. George E. McGuire
  45. Carlton W. McNeely
  46. Willie A. Meredith
  47. Henry W. Mills
  48. Albert A. Moore
  49. Clarence H. Morse
  50. Carleton S. Newell Jr
  51. Hammett Newton Jr
  52. Irby L. Newton
  53. Jesse Oliver
  54. George A. Page
  55. Robert A. Park
  56. Julian C. Ragland
  57. John H. Robertson
  58. Ned Ross
  59. Andrew G. Sizemore
  60. James W. Stembridge
  61. Herman L. Stone
  62. James P. Taylor
  63. Alfred Thomas
  64. Warren H. Thomas Jr
  65. Andre J. Tuck
  66. Charles A. Tudor
  67. W M. P. Vaughan Jr
  68. Edison H. Walters
  69. John L. Webb
  70. J. R. Wilmoth Jr
  71. Reubin M. Wilmoth
  72. Charlie H. Wilson
  73. Donald Wood
  74. Warren W. Wooden
  75. Sidney F. Wortman Jr.
  76. Ollie M. Wright
  77. Mahlon R. Yeates
  78. Winfred H. Young
  1. George P. Abbott Jr
  2. John J. Barreto
  3. Herbert L. Blick
  4. William G. Causey
  5. George C. Clarke
  6. Richd. T. Crowder
  7. Herman H. Daniel Jr
  8. George C. Deane
  9. Jessie L. Elder
  10. Osborne Ellis
  11. Willie L. Glenn
  12. Fred Hall
  13. Berthier B. Hawks III
  14. Arthur B. Hopper
  15. Curn L. Jones
  16. Kenneth K. Kidd
  17. Willie A. Lanier
  18. Herbert  J. Lewis
  19. Hiram L. Lucy
  20. Eldridge W. McKinney
  21. Kenneth Y. Maitland
  22. Basil K. Manning
  23. Eugene E. Moseley
  24. Charles H. Pearson
  25. Harry L. Pulley
  26. John W. Ross
  27. Fred E. Smith Jr.
  28. Ashton L. Tatum
  29. Robert B. Turnbull
  30. Grover H. Walton
  31. Edison R. Weaver
  32. Curtiss A. Williams
  33. Atlas E. Wright
  34. Erwin H. Wright
  35. Silas M. Wright
  36. Floyd E. Wyatt
  37. James C. Wyatt 

1.    Robert L. Carter
2.    Cecil M. Peebles
3.    Lawrence N. Phillips
4.    Robert J. Simmons
5.    James F. Winckler
6.    Billie Lee Simmons

1.    George W. Archer Jr
2.    Thomas M. Harper
3.    D’Arcy M. Rivers


1.    Fred D. Burton
2.    Danny T. Clark
3.    Milo B. Coghill
4.    Charles L. Daniel
5.    Morris G. Dunn
6.    Robert L. King
7.    David L. McKinney
8.    Samuel J. Parish
9.    Wilson D. Thomas
10.  C. H. Watkins Jr
11.  C. Williams

1.    William Bell Jr.
2.    Milton Blackwell
3.    A. L. Johnson
4.    M. D. Stainback Jr.

Persian Gulf:
None from Brunswick or Mecklenburg

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