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13 July 2014

Very odd Danville, Virginia marriage laws

I went to Danville, VA to look for a few of my Gray's who married there. I went to the courthouse with a list of people who should have been married then. I couldn't find my people, yet, there were people getting married then. I asked in the courthouse and library and was told there were some odd marriage laws at the time. If you were a resident of Danville, you often couldn't get married in the city, people often went close by to North Carolina. Yet it wasn't as if Danville couldn't marry people. I found one couple, Frank Gray and Eula Bernard's marriage record in the courthouse. Eula lived her whole life in Danville, before marrying Frank, but Frank was not a resident. Since I saw their certificate I wondered if maybe Eula was actually in Pittsylvania county and not actually Danville, for me to find their record.

But then I was doing some searches on familysearch, and I saw a marriage record for Frank Gray and Eula married in Roanoke, VA. I was so surprised, because I found their record in Danville!

I found an article in the Danville Bee newspaper about marriage records. It was written 4 Dec 1924, around the time I was looking for marriage records. Click on images to view them larger. Thankfully a friend noticed for me, that this marriage record while in the Danville Courthouse, it does say that the marriage occurred in Roanoke. How confusing then!

12 June 2014

Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery: all names listed on monument and in book

This post concludes the pictures I took at Point Lookout, Maryland during Mar 2014. See the posts on Mar 16th and Mar 30th, for more info about the cemetery.

I went all the way around the monument. Then photographed the book at the monument. I made sure every row was represented, so the pictures overlap. They are in alphabetical order. If you wish for a picture, tell me which one and I'd be happy to send it to you. I figured not everyone lives very close to Point Lookout so I'd take pictures to share with those who couldn't travel to be there. Below are my pictures done in slide show format. I posted the slide show on you-tube, then imbedded it in my post for higher resolution. You can pause the slide show to view the images better. I took high resolution pictures (abt 17MB each). You can zoom in a lot, on individual pictures, that aren't in the slide show. You can also see quite well on the 7MB JPEGS I took.

My husband found this site. I can tell a lot  of work went into this site! It's searchable by name and has a lot of great information about Point Lookout Cemetery.

19 May 2014

stories: familysearch-Rootech

I just added a little video clip into my blog. It was created for the 2014 Rootstech Conference. I couldn't get it into a post, so I put it just above the welcome message. I really liked this video, because to me, this is what family history is all about. It shows what I feel, that everyone has a story. I read recently that genealogy is names and dates, family history is the stories and pictures. So check out the little video clip, about two minutes. How many of those things do you think your family did? If you don't know, who can you ask to understand better?

I like to encourage people to upload stories and pictures to their online trees, for the benefit of other family members. Family they know, and relatives they haven't met yet. I've been working at my tree on and familysearch for about 10 years. I have a lot of pictures and stories I'm trying to share with my family just a little at a time. It takes too long to thing about digitizing an entire bookshelf. But an hour each Sunday is manageable and very doable. Enjoy the video. I wish you the best at discovering your family stories!