I realized quickly that I’d have to “think outside the box” to learn about my ancestors. I LOVE to interview people, and listen to stories about "the older days" when life seemed a little slower and simpler. I study USGS maps, plats, read chanceries, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try to help preserve memories people share with me. This blog is ad free, so it's easier to focus on sharing stories. Feel free to sign the guestbook, or join the FaceBook group. Even if we aren't related by DNA, I'd still love to hear about your research efforts and family stories. I am interested in posting (to this blog) stories relevant to the Mecklenburg-Brunswick families.

25 October 2009

Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery

I photographed different views of the church & each of the tombstones. The following surnames are included in this slide show:
Bays, Bishop, Butner, Cassell, Crymes, Coleman, Copley, Crute, Dortch, Doyle, Dunn, Edmonson, Estes, Farrar, Ferguson, Gill, Holmes, Jackson, King, Land, Lette, Myers, Newman, Norton, Odell, Ogburn, Price, Rolfe, Rowley, Salters, Shaw, Simmons, Smith, Tunstall, Walker, Warren, Weston

I took 119 tombstone pictures. A few are close ups on a few tombstones not very clear.
I had to compress it for web to 9.03 MB, because the Blogger has file size limits of 10MB. The original file is full computer screen at 16.8 MB. If you wish to have the video at higher resolution and larger size pictures, email me and title the email "Pleasant Grove". I have Gmail which can handle attachments this large.
Each picture is set to show for 4 seconds, and you can pause the slide show. Happy viewing!

12 October 2009

Sorting out two Elizabeth Mises' married to two Williams'.

Here is a chart I created to help me keep the two Elizabeths' straight. The left image is pg 1, the right, pg 2. It took me a little while to figure out how to convert it into a format I could post. Click on the picture image to view full screen. Please let me know if you know more about these people. Thanks, Julie

25 September 2009

Gittman, Mise, Taylor, Tanner, King family cemetery

Note: 26 Sep 2009. I am reposting yesterday's slide show, because Cindy Huggett told me that the Dolly J. Tanner has the maiden name of Thomas. So I updated the slide show, and am adding Thomas to the surname list. Dolly was daughter of Robert Massenburg Thomas & Julia Ann Kidd.
Attached is a slideshow of cemetery pictures, labeled with genealogical info. If the text goes too fast, you can pause the video to read it. This cemetery is off of Blackridge Rd. This used to be "Black's Rd." The Gittmans told me when the Road was renamed, it changed a bit in front of their property, and moved about 500 feet to the west of where it used to be. (500 feet closer to the cemetery) This cemetery is located in the Bracey/Backridge area of Mecklenburg, VA, by Olive Branch Baptist church. I went here because I heard there were Taylors & Mise. And I had hoped to learn more about the Elizabeth Mise that married William Archer Dortch, my gr...grandpa. I was able to learn more about Elizabeth Mise, as I tried to learn more about the people in the cemetery. I studied Census from 1850-1930, marriage & military records to work on the relationships between these families with tombstones.

I don't know if Elizabeth Mise or William Archer Dortch could be in this cemetery or not. There are quite a few unmarked graves. In the meantime, while I don't know, I will continue searching, and here is the information on the tombstones that I do know about.

The following surnames are in this slideshow: Baird, Gittman, Griffith, Kidd, King, Land, Mise, Taylor, Tanner and Thomas.

More on this Elizabeth Mise and straightening out the two Elizabeth Mises' confusion in my next posting.

06 September 2009

Edward Beasley Barker House

This picture was sent to me by Teresa Barker Hughes. Someone helped her find this house last month, and she took these pictures. We had hoped by finding the house, we'd be able to talk to the owner and see what they knew about the house or if there was a family cemetery on the property. It doesn't look like the house was lived in. But we'd still love to know what anyone may know about this house or a possible family cemetery on the property. Teresa is a Barker researcher, and a good friend of mine. I am very happy we met last year with our Barker/Jones research interests.
This picture is of Edward Beasley Barker's house. It is the correct picture near the corner of 611 & 662 in Ebony area, at Barkers Crossroad. Edward was the son of Richard T. Barker and Cissila Ann Jones. Teresa is a descendant of Richard Barker's brother: Benjamin Barker & Amanda C. Cleaton.
This is the correction to the message posting on this blog on 14 Jun 2009.
If you wish to contact Teresa about Barker research her email address is: sassyone@widomaker.com
If you know about Barkers and Bracey/Ebony area Jones I'd love to hear from you.

27 August 2009

Jesse Jones family history about the Mecklenburg Jones

Jesse Jones of Jarrett, Virginia wrote a wonderful family history in Dec 1981 about the Richard Jones family that is buried at Olive Branch Baptist church off Blackridge Rd. I was hoping to find Jesse and tell him how much I enjoyed the work he did. But I calculated he was born about 1908, based on him stating how old he was at several events in the book. So he would be over 100 years old now, and I can't find an address listing for him. So it's likely he's not still living. I am very grateful he wrote some memories down. He describes life so well & descriptively, about the old ways. I wish to quote something he wrote that I feel captures the reason why I love to learn about my Mecklenburg roots!

(pgs 9-10. His grandmother he writes about was Martha Alice Malone, who married Richard L. Jones)
"It would not be fair if I did not include here some items about Grandma. She, too, was very industrious, always busy. As a boy I recall she impressed me as being able to do most anything. She could knit socks or she could get the hammer and nails and repair a chicken coop. I remember, in spite of all her housework, she would milk the cows. She kept a lot of chickens and I remember seeing those big baskets of eggs she would send to the store to trade for sugar, coffee and many other items. In those days, if you did not trade out all the value of the eggs, you would be given a "due bill". Merchants would not pay money for eggs. I often think off all the work our ancestors did in those days, how they, as the saying was,"dug a living out of the ground". You heard a lot about "sun to sun" and nothing about forty-hour work weeks. In a lot of instances, they raised six or eight children, had no conveniences as we have today. We would be surprised, too, at how many of these people, after all the toils of the week, would have the stamina to show up at their church for Sunday Services.

We owe so much to our ancestors who labored, sweated, toiled and struggled to pull out of the poverty so many had known, especially following the Civil War. Let's be appreciative of their efforts!"

I'm thankful Mr. Jesse Jones shared his thoughts.

16 August 2009

Tennessee Jordan Glover Dortch

Attached is Tennessee Jordan Glover's death certificate. She married Alvin Dortch 5 Apr 1866, in Mecklenburg County, VA. They had 11 children:
1) Theresa India Dortch, married Alginon Gray
2) Charles William Dortch, married Rosa Lee Perkinson
3) Mary Belle Dortch, married Clement Thomas Bryant
4) Weldon Hall Dortch, married Sarah Frances Pool
5) Hester Ann Dortch, married William Joseph Cliborne
6) Walter Gee Dortch died as a baby
7) Sally Gooden Dortch, married Vernon Vick
8) Martha Newman Dortch, married Alginon Gray. Then Artie Oakley
9) Richard Oliver Dortch, married Laura Catherine George
10) Jasper Newton Dortch, married Lucy D. Nussbaum
11) Millard Seal Dortch, married Minnie Bell Sirles

In about the 1890's, Alvy, Tennessee and their younger kids (still at home) moved to Southampton County, VA. They lived near a man named Samuel J. Glover, who was a Confederate in the same unit as Alvin Dortch. We haven't been able to find a connection of this Samuel to our family yet. Also, Theresa died very young. So Theresa & Alginon's girls: Fannie & Maude Gray were raised by Alvy & Tennessee. Then soon after 1900, the family moved to Kankakee, IL which is by Chicago. Tennessee was sole proprietor of the American Hotel there. Some family members worked in the Hanes knitting mill there.

After Alvy died in 1915 in Kankakee, Tennessee went to live with her daughter Hester Dortch Cliborne. At that time, Hester was living in the Cusckowilla area, near Mays Chapel. Hester's young daughter Lucy Cliborne died in 1911. Tennessee died in 1919. We guess & assume that Tennessee was buried by her grand daughter Lucy. Mays Chapel cemetery was moved to accommadate the dam being put in. (The original area is currently submerged under water.) Tennessee does not have a tombstone, and we don't know if she ever did. But her death certificate says she was buried in Mays Chapel Cemetery.

Tennessee's mother Clarkey Anderson lived her whole life in Tennessee. After Clarkey died, Granderson took his 3 girls, they left TN, and they moved to Mecklenburg, VA. Soon after arriving, Granderson married Arimenta Kidd. They lived on Nellie Jones Rd, (on land Arimenta inherited from her father John B. Kidd) and attended Rehoboth Church. Tennessee's siblings born in TN were Dorcas and Tabitha. This Tabitha married Edward Kidd. Tennessee's siblings from Arimenta Kidd are: Betty Clary, Richard & Oliver Glover & Christine Ann Tudor.

26 July 2009

Tobacco barn

Click on the picture to view it full screen. I took this picture 13 Mar 2004, off the road near Boydton. I was driving along, saw this, and stopped to get a picture. I'd never seen anything like it, so I took a picture because I thought it looked cool, and because I wanted to ask others what it was. It's what I imagined an old frontier house would look like, with rocks and plaster shoved in between the spaces of the logs. It really is leaning today. What puzzled me the most, was that the doorway was only about 3 feet high, and no windows. So I guessed it couldn't be a house. I started asking people what this building was. Well, this picture has reminded lots of people about their ties to similar old tobacco barns. I'm told that this was a Virginia tobacco barn, designed to smoke the tobacco dry. There were also the tall tobacco barns to hang the leaves in; but the Virginia heat and humidity, often caused molds to ruin much of the crop which is then a loss. So these tobacco barns were invented. I hear this barn is the type built about 200 years ago and this one may be that old. I hear this was a curing process that took several days. A little contained fire was kept to smoke it dry. Several men camped by this type of tobacco barn and took turns tending to the fire and curing. I've also heard stories about this being how Brunswick stew started. It was made while the men were doing the camping & curing. And that was the expected meal while preparing the harvest. It seems this picture is of another old timer thing being long forgotten, so wanted to post this piece of old Virginia history.

12 July 2009

Nelly Jones - The 222 year history of her land

15 Jan 2018. Note this post was corrected today. I discovered this month that Nannie and Jimmy Kidd actually owned two separate properties. See the corrections here at this link:

Nelly Jones (Sometimes spelled Nellie, like the road) was short for Penelope Brooks. She married Frederick Jones 16 Oct 1787 in Mecklenburg, Virginia. She outlived her husband by 41 years! Her will states that she wanted a proper burial. I was surprised that ended up being a big boulder to mark her place on someone else's property. (My ancestors' land) So I started to see what I could find out about that.

Nelly inherited this land from her father Robert Brooks. She had to sell off some of her land to pay for her large debts. She sold some land to Zachariah Jones, her husband's nephew. Part of the land sold, was the family cemetery plot where her husband was already buried. John Gray immigrated from Ireland and arrived in the USA in 27 Jul 1838. In 1840, John Gray bought this a piece of land from Zachariah Jones and his wife Pamelia Rottenberry. In 1847, John Gray married (his neighbor) James B. Jones' daughter Sarah Elizabeth Jones. Sarah was the niece of Zachariah Jones. John and Sarah Gray lived on this their land the remainder of their lives. Then their daughter Nannie Gray and her husband Jimmy Kidd bought the Gray land. After Nannie died, her house was sold. Edwin Lewis Lambert decided to surprise his wife Lula Margaret Kidd. He bought the house for his wife, so she could live in the house she grew up in. Lula was Nannie and Jimmy Kidd's daughter. Their descendants still own the house. I met them in August of 2004. I showed them the plat for Arimenta Kidd which had "Nelly Jones Rd" as a property boundary. The Lamberts told me their parents worked hard to get that road called Nellie Jones Rd, when the streets were being named for 911 changes. They wanted it called this, because that's what everyone already called it. They didn't know it was called that in 1870! I thought it had been called that all along.

So I asked the Lamberts if they knew of any family cemeteries. After much pondering, they remembered a cemetery they hadn't seen since being a young child. Their parents had seen notes long ago of who was in the cemetery. They erected the tombstones for Frederick and Nelly Jones. The others are forgotten, the info was lost. If I remember right, there was a total of 6 graves, with only Nelly and Frederick marked with tombstones in abt the 1960's. Attached are those pictures. The area was deeply covered by briers, on the edge of the forest, not visited in many years, in an area where vegetation grows fast. It was originally marked by walnut trees (at least two still there) at the corners. And the rest was open farm land. The Kerr dam, took at least 20 acres of the old property, and the property has changed over the years because it isn't regularly plowed or farmed anymore. I was shown where the old peanut patch was, and areas you could still see furrows in the ground. So we searched, found the cemetery and pulled away the vegetation to take these pictures. I am really grateful and impressed that the Lamberts spent a lot of time and money trying to preserve their ancestors names. It is interesting that these Lamberts are also descendants of Baxter Lambert, Nelly Jones son in law. I find it a great story that the house has stayed in the same family for about 222 years! (Counting from when Nelly married Frederick Jones in 1787; it was her widow's dower.)

05 July 2009

Martha Reid & Martha Newman-both married a James Jones. Sorting the Martha's & James out:

According to the James B. Jones Family Bible, (in Mecklenburg) he married Martha W. _____. No maiden name written. James & Martha & Jones are of course very common names, so it's easy to get confused. I didn't have a marriage date yet. I kept seeing people write "Martha Reid" as James B. Jones wife. And then a few times I saw Martha Newman. For awhile I was confused too, so I wrote "Martha Newman or Reid." I was reading some old family records. Nannie Gray Kidd's family records say "Nannie's grandmother was Martha Newman." which is the source I trusted the most. So I started reviewing all the sources I had on Martha & her husband James B. Jones. Everything I had did not have Martha's maiden name. So I continued to scrutinize the family, and look at other people's trees to compare their sources. Well, it appeared people that wrote "Martha Reid" had James & Martha married in Brunswick county, nine years after my James & Martha were having children. This part of my family tree only married in Mecklenburg, and earlier marriages were in Warren, NC. I couldn't totally rule out Brunswick, VA but I could rule out that marriage date, which was for Martha Reid. I finally found the marriage date for my family: James B. Jones and Martha Newman married in Warren County, NC on 27 Sep 1821.

Then I found something helpful in the book "Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, VA" by Dr. Pritchett. If you look under the Jones section, on pg 284 it says Edward Carroll Jones was son of James B. Jones & Martha Reid who were married about 1830 in Brunswick. James B. Jones & Martha Newman already had 6 children by 1830, and were still in Mecklenburg, the same time this other James & Martha were living in Brunswick. This Edward Carroll Jones is actually the son of Jame B. Jones & Martha Newman, my family. So I believe this to be an error in he book. On page 286 of this same book, under Private James Henry Jones it says, "..was a son of Rev. James Jones & Martha Reid who were married in Brunswick County in 1830." I found this helpful information. So it appears to me that there were two James Jones that each married a Martha. It also appears the James Jones in Brunswick was a minister and didn't always use his middle initial. And the Brunswick James Jones & Martha Reid married abt 1830 in Brunswick. My James B. Jones & Martha Newman lived in Mecklenburg, and were married in 1821, 9 years before the other Jones family. These Jones lived near Rehoboth Church (Blackridge) area in Mecklenburg. Some of James B. Jones & Martha Newman's children later lived awhile in Ebony. James B. Jones used his middle initial on every paper I've ever seen his name. My James B. Jones & Martha Newman had 15 children, raised in Mecklenburg. One child only lived to be age 11, the rest grew to adulthood. So the Martha in Brunswick had the surname Reid & the Martha in Mecklenburg had the surname Newman. So these are the ways I believe we can keep the two families straightened out :)

27 June 2009

Grady Clary & his friend Leonard Dortch- Trying to ID Grady Clary

Robert Leonard Dortch was known in Mecklenburg, VA as Leonard or Lenny. His second marriage was to Virginia Wynn Johnson. Leonard was in the military and lived in Norfolk for several years. After marrying Virginia in 1955, he brought her to Mecklenburg to the area he grew up in, to meet his friends & family. I hear that Robert lived near Crestview Cemetery off Highway One. There are several family pictures taken in this 1955 trip. Including this one with Grady Clary and an unknown young girl standing next to her. The older woman beside Grady Clary is Annie Burton Wright. Then there are some family pictures with Grady Clary in 1961. I'm wondering and guessing if this second picture in 1961 is Grady Clary & his wife? These pictures come from Leonard's descendants. But we don't know who Grady Clary is. Was he just a really good friend? Or was he family too? We do have several Clary kin. We are curious as to who Grady Clary's family was? And if Grady was a nickname or his real name? So far I can't find a Grady Clary on the 1930 Census. Please comment here or email me if you recognize the people in these pictures.
(Note: you can click on the pictures in the post to view them full screen.)

14 June 2009

Book: History of the Ebony, Virginia Area c.1993-The same house as pg 103?

See message posting for 6 Sep 2009. It has the correct picture. Note on 28 Aug 2009- My friend Teresa who is a
Barker researcher did some searching and found out this was not the right Barker house. She took a picture of the correct house and is sending me a copy soon. Here was the older post and questions, in hopes to not spread incorrect info. And to attach the answer with the question.

I have the book: History of the Ebony, Virginia Area c.1993. I read the story about Edward Beasley Barker starting on pg 101. This Edward was the son of Richard Barker & Cissila Ann Jones. There is one small error in the text though. It says that Ann died in 1901, but on the 1900 Census, Richard is living with his son Edward & listed as widowed. I believe the author accidentally switched the info for Richard & Cissila. There is a picture of Edward Barker's house on pg 103 of the book. I followed the directions of the book. I was traveling north to Barker Cross Roads, and I saw this house on the left. I took two pictures from different angles. My friend Teresa Barker & I had planned to try to visit or talk to the owners, and we weren't expecting the house to look empty. We are looking for Barker & Jones kin. I'm hoping someone can tell me if the pictures I took are the same as page 103 & the same as Edward Barkers house. My friend Teresa & I were trying to figure out on a map where the Barkers (and other ancestors) lived. And identifying this picture would help anchor the map. Cissila Ann Jones was sister to Sarah Elizabeth Jones, a great grandmother of mine. We're trying to locate where people lived, in effort to find old family cemeteries. I have not yet found a cemetery for the Jones, (But expect it to be in Bracey) for the generation of Cissila & Sarah. But I do know where several of their children and grand children are buried: Rehoboth Methodist church, Olive Branch Baptist church, Canaan Church Cemetery (was Methodist church) in Mecklenburg. In Brunswick (Ebony) I only know of Tabernacle United Methodist Church. Caroline Thomas married Edward Jones, and Caroline's children from her first marriage to Robert Joyce are buried at Tabernacle. This Edward was a sibling of Sarah & Cissila. John C. Jones was another sibling. It appears to me that all the Jones at Olive Branch are descendants of John C. Jones & Edward "Ned" Jones. So I continue to search for old family cemeteries.....
P. S. if you click on the pictures in this message you can view the pictures full screen.

07 June 2009

Mary Walker & Pearl Walker Reams

I did an interview with Mary Walker & Pearl Reams, on Labor Day 2005. Right now the interview is in document format, and I can't upload that format on the blog. This interview was printed in the "Southside Roots" Nov 2008. The Southside Roots is a booklet printed by the Southside Historical Society, of which I am a member. Frances Clark near Boydton, Virginia (Mecklenburg County, VA) leads a team of great people trying to preserve some Southside History. I find their efforts most helpful, since I am not a local or old timer. The Southside includes several counties including: Mecklenburg, Brunswick & Lunenburg County, Virginia. See attached link. I also added a link to the historical society in my favorite Virginia genealogy website links posted on this blog.

06 June 2009

6 stars for Celeste & 4 stars for Julie !

These are the children of Fannie Gray & George Stowe. I also have 4 siblings in the military (My 4 stars). And a future brother-in-law in the military. My father served 20 years in the US Air Force. My mother has 4 stars hanging in a window near the front door, the way stars were displayed during WWII. Happy Memorial Day!

20 April 2009

Great Virginia resource on LVA website

There is a great resource on Library of Virginia's website. Chanceries you can download! Chanceries are an amazing resource. They often spell out family relationships, and give woman's maiden names (often stating who her father is). Sometimes there are plats and wills enclosed. Sometimes there's depositions. Virginia chanceries are something you can only get out of LVA. So downloading these records is a wonderful benefit, especially to those unable to drive to LVA. (Shipping is available for non-digitized records.) There are a few counties online, ready to view digitally. There are some counties that haven't had indexes posted on LVA's site yet. It's all a big on-going project. Here is the link that shows what is available, and in what format:

Here is where you can search the records. When you see an entry, you can bookmark it to remember, or email yourself. You can also click on the details and it gives surnames discussed in the case and other helpful info. Then if you scroll down the page and a digital image is available, it will be there. I have seen images for Faquier County, VA. I checked Sunday, and Mecklenburg & Brunswick are not digitized yet. But it will come soon. If you have any questions about the new LVA site, how to get the records, or what is involved in chanceries, feel free to post comments here or email me questions.

13 March 2009

James Speed, Newman Dortch's father-in-law

Many people assumed and wrote that John Speed was the father of Sarah Speed that married Newman Dortch. But I found a chancery case: Mecklenburg, VA Chancery case: Moss vs. Dortch 1829-001 box 257. In this case, it specifically states that James Speed is father of four children:
1-Martha Moss, the wife of Nathaniel Moss
2-Sally Dortch, wife of Newman Dortch
3-Elizabeth Speed, not married
4- Mary Dortch wife of Lewis Dortch
James Speed willed his house to Newman Dortch and Sally Speed. They moved into the house in Sept 1821 by consent and request of James Speed. And they made improvements to the house for James.
I went to the courthouse and there was no will for James Speed any more, even though it was referenced in the chancery. I went to Library of VA state archives and it was not there. So without seeing this chancery, you would never have known that James Speed at one time had a will. And this is the only record that shows this family that I can find.
I also discovered there were a few James Speeds. One was a Revolutionary War soldier, from Mecklenburg VA, and settled in Kentucky. There is a letter he wrote to the governor posted on the LVA website. There is another James Speed in Charlotte County, VA, the county just to the west of Mecklenburg. Many people assume that the James Speed in Mecklenburg went to Charlotte, then onto Kentucky. But I made a chart side by side showing the places I found 4 James Speeds. Many assume they are the same person, but I think it's four separate people. At least 3 people. I made a chart of what records I found each year, to see if there was any overlap. I went to LVA to pull some wills to try to prove whether they were the same or different people. And there was no relationship info stated. So still searching for info, and still have lots of questions. In the meantime, I wanted to post this chancery info that very few people have seen, so the info doesn't stay wrongly posted or lost. I am convinced and can prove that my James Speed is not the one who went to battle, or the Charlotte James Speed. Or the early Mecklenburg James Speed showing up on records. But about 10 years after the earlier James Speed moved to Kentucky, I think my James Speed shows up. I don't know if he is related or not to the other Speeds in Mecklenburg. There was a will in the courthouse that just vaguely said "I will some land to my cousin James Speed." I don't know if my James Speed is the cousin? Still searching. I am posting this plat. I have asked several "old timers" and we don't know what "courthouse road" was. The courthouse is in Boydton, but there isn't a road with that name. If you click on the picture you can see it full screen. Note the plat is sideways. But if you look closely, below the drawing, there's an "S" for South, even though it looks like part of the drawing. -I am temporarily unable to load the plat. I will try again soon. -Julie

02 March 2009

Julie & Aaron Cabitto's 13th Anniversary

This is a slightly different post, to notate my history for a moment. Today is Aaron & my 13th anniversary. Here's a picture last year for our 12th anniversary, to match my profile picture. I'm not in leg braces this year, but it is a lot of work to keep them at bay.

The last 6 years, we go away overnight to visit a historic & beautiful place, not too far away. We check out the local history, local food, and find good places to go for walks. On our 8th anniversary we went to Mt. Jackson, VA (Shenandoah's); 9th Orange, VA; 10th Washington DC; 11th Charlottesville, VA, including Monticello; 12th Richmond, VA; this year, 13th, we went to Annapolis, MD this past weekend.

Last year the Richmond Capitol was newly restored, and this year, the Annapolis capitol just reopened last month. I'm really glad Aaron loves history, museums, art and good food. Cause that's what we do on our trips. And I'm glad I have my best friend to share my favorite things with. Here is a picture of us this year, to the left. I got a fancy beaded pink purse for a nice date we went on last year. I normally like simple things, but I thought this purse looked like Cinderella going to the ball with Prince Charming. Aaron jokingly told me we weren't going to a ball. And I said a date that was two days long and no housework is definitely Cinderella going to the ball! So I carried my fancy pink ball purse with me the whole time :) I love my Aaron!

23 February 2009

David T. Rideout plat & John C. Jones, his brother-in-law

(Update Aug 2014, I can confirm New Rd was Tolbert Rd, I visited this property.)
I am trying to confirm that this "New Road" at the top of this plat, is Tolbert Rd. I believe it is, but can't completely prove it. I believe that the northeast corner of this plat is the intersection of Tolbert and Blackridge roads, and that Hall Store is about where that outbuilding is in the upper right corner of this plat. I got this plat from a chancery case, where DT Rideout died and the land is being divided. The case told which piece of land each child was getting, so I wrote notes on this page. If you click on this picture of the plat (or any other picture within postings), you can see it full screen. I am trying to find out where this plat would exist today, because the John C. Jones, written on the left of this plat is the brother of my gr. grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Jones. And I believe John inherited the land from his parents. We have yet to find any burials for the James B. Jones family, (of which John C. Jones and Sarah Jones Gray are a part of) and this plat is the best clue I have yet.
I believe this plat is land inherited from Isaac Taylor. On the 1860's Gilmore map, Taylor is marked there on the map. And on that map, it looks like Tolbert Rd. DT Rideout married Mary E. Taylor, and John C. Jones married the sister, Sarah Taylor, the same day. A double wedding on 14 Dec 1865. And they lived next door on each Census. So sisters living next door, and the DT Rideout chancery stating it was Mary Taylor's estate, suggests this land used to belong to their father, Isaac Taylor.

John Gray from Ireland

In honor of St. Patrick's Day coming soon, I wanted to write about my Irish grandpa, John Gray. John Gray immigrated 27 July 1838. My friend Hobson is also a descendant of John Gray and found this record. In Ancestry.com's index, John is listed as Gery, rather than Gray. My friend found John, by searching for Nicholas Purdy. And it turns out that John Gray & Nicholas Purdy traveled together (with their wife and children) from Ireland, and remained neighbors the rest of their lives. It also turns out that Ancesty's immigration index goofed, with a slight typo. Hobson went to the National Archives and found John Gray spelled correctly on the record. My friend was also able to visit Ireland last year and went to search more for our John Gray gr...grandpa. Unfortunately he discovered that records pre-1840 are scarce there, even in the archives. The immigration record said John Gray was from Queen's county Ireland and that he was a weaver. But Hobson was told that doesn't necessarily mean John was really from Queen's county. Because a lot of people moved to Queen's county to save up money for their passage. The immigration record only stated where they last lived. John was listed as age 35, his wife Ann was 30, and their daughter Elizabeth was 3 years old. Ann died soon after arriving to America, and settling in Mecklenburg, VA. Later, John Gray married his next door farm neighbor, Sarah Elizabeth Jones. One of John Gray and Sarah Jones youngest children, Alginon Gray, is the father of Fannie Gray pictured on this blog page.

We are still searching for Anne's maiden name. And we're also searching for a connection between Nicholas Purdy and John Gray besides being friends and neighbors for decades. Because in this time and place, neighbors married each other.

21 February 2009

Trying to be remembered-The Taylors

I wanted to find the Taylor Cemetery. In Munsey Moore's cemetery book he described where it was. So I drove there with a friend to take pictures, in Oct 2008. Sadly the lady in the house had not lived there very long, and the cemetery was very overgrown when she bought the house. And it's technically not on her property, the cemetery part was sold before she bought the house. She helped me clear things out to take pictures. She was very interested in her house and it's history. She was told her house was called the Finch House. This house was not in the WPA books, but a family Bible was listed in Family Records book (Family Bibles) compiled & edited by Sheppard & Corker. (pg 46) The Taylor Cemetery and Finch cemetery adjoin each other. I hope to attach a slide show here of the pictures I took there. (Still have to read more on how to do that) Frances Clark later told me she had pictures of a few more tombstones that weren't there anymore when I took pictures. She had taken pictures about 10 years earlier than I had. This Cemetery is located on the corner of 655 & 657. I do have some chanceries for these Taylors. And descendants moved to the Bracey area.
What was really cool about this visit, was that the owner asked if she could give me a tour of her house. I LOVED her house! There was the narrowest winding staircase I think I've ever seen, and I loved all the old trim and wood floors. Lots of great character in that house. She showed me an above ground cellar, where names and dates were carved into the wall. Like a family Bible carved into the foundation of their house!!!
In Fredericksburg, VA, soldiers wrote in their journals that their greatest fear was to die unknown. So they'd carve their names and unit to try to be remembered. This wall made me think about how many people have been forgotten. And how many people were buried without tombstones, so carving your name in a stone foundation would ensure you weren't forgotten. I just loved this cool old house!!
More on the cemetery and about the people buried there in a coming soon post...

20 February 2009

John R. Cole family

This is a group of people I've been trying to find land and a family cemetery for. They intermarried with my family & owned land next to several of my families. I don't know where this intersection is. But the Coles did live in Bracey. They may have moved later, because in abt 1870, John R. Cole was also attending Kingswood Church. John was the leader, (possibly pastor?) at Rehoboth church off Blackridge Rd for many years, probably 2o years. Munsey Adams Moore found this cemetery info, and gave a copy to a lady who gave a copy to me Dec 29, 2008. Munsey has done some amazing things locating all the old hidden family cemeteries! I seriously appreciate his efforts! I do hope to locate and photograph this cemetery as soon as I can find out where it is.
Here's from my friend:
I worked on the Cole family a little yesterday and I found where some of the Coles are buried. There is a cemetery located on the left side of Hwy 847 4/10 mile from Hwy. 623 intersection. The cemetery is in an open field behind a trailer. I haven't been to the cemetery, but I have a listing of the tombstones. They are as follows:

Clarence W. Cole - 13 July 1930 - 10 Jan. 1981
Betty I. Cole - 31 July 1934 - 24 Feb. 1982 (both on same stone)
Bella Jones Cole - w/o John R. Cole - 18 July 1844 - 5 Feb. 1929
John Zeb Cole - Daddy - 20 Aug. 1885 - 25 Nov. 1964
Susan Johnson Cole - Mama - 24 Oct. 1893 - 8 Apr. 1965 (both on same stone)
Vernon C. Cole - 16 Aug. 1924 - 5 Feb. 1982
Evelyn H. Cole - 4 Nov. 1928 -
Ella E. "Lizzie" Cole - Aunt
Lillian Cole Case - 3 May 1909 - 31 May 1977
Martin Marion Case - 3 Oct. 1881 - 10 Nov. 1963 (both on same stone)
Ella H. Cole - 1875 - 1918
William I. Cole - 1878 - 1942
Maggie K. Cole - 1889 - 1942 (all on same stone)
Other graves marked with field rocks.

I don't know where any of the other Coles are buried.

18 February 2009

blog goal

My grandmother and many others who have seen my posted trees have asked me to try to start a website, to show all the preservation I've tried to do over the years. I collect records and photograph things with the intent to share, but there's only so much I can share without posting on a site. So I will try to post pictures and info here. I love to interview people and learn what life was like in the good old days. I'm also trying to take my digital cemetery pictures and label them in Adobe slide shows. I've never tried anything like a blog before, so I hope it doesn't take me too long to figure things out.