I realized quickly, with the lack of records for my family, that I’d really have to “think outside the box”. I LOVE to interview people, and ask about "the older days" in Mecklenburg. I also study USGS maps, plats, read chanceries, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try help preserve some of those memories people share with me. Feel free to sign my guestbook stating surnames you are looking for, who you're related to etc. Always a work in progress, a work that I truly love!

20 April 2009

Great Virginia resource on LVA website

There is a great resource on Library of Virginia's website. Chanceries you can download! Chanceries are an amazing resource. They often spell out family relationships, and give woman's maiden names (often stating who her father is). Sometimes there are plats and wills enclosed. Sometimes there's depositions. Virginia chanceries are something you can only get out of LVA. So downloading these records is a wonderful benefit, especially to those unable to drive to LVA. (Shipping is available for non-digitized records.) There are a few counties online, ready to view digitally. There are some counties that haven't had indexes posted on LVA's site yet. It's all a big on-going project. Here is the link that shows what is available, and in what format:

Here is where you can search the records. When you see an entry, you can bookmark it to remember, or email yourself. You can also click on the details and it gives surnames discussed in the case and other helpful info. Then if you scroll down the page and a digital image is available, it will be there. I have seen images for Faquier County, VA. I checked Sunday, and Mecklenburg & Brunswick are not digitized yet. But it will come soon. If you have any questions about the new LVA site, how to get the records, or what is involved in chanceries, feel free to post comments here or email me questions.