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08 January 2010

Some memories of Lindbergh Tudor-pictures taken 14 Oct 2007

My husband & I  met Lindbergh in Oct 2007. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with him. His grandmother Christine Glover Tudor was sister to my gr...grandma Tennessee Jordan Glover. Christine & Tennessee also had a sister Tabitha that married Edward Kidd, the brother of Bartlette Kidd, Lindburg's great grandfather. Also Arimenta Kidd was sibling of Edward & Bartlette & she is Christine Glover Tudor's mother. So we were related a few times a few decades ago, on both his mother's side & father's side of the family. I was happy to meet another relative that still lived in Mecklenburg, and I'm very grateful for my afternoon with Lindburgh & his family.

 I was immediately impressed with Lindbergh's inventiveness & strength. He was chopping wood for several hours, the day before I came to visit. He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride around his farm on his wagon & I loved it! He built this wagon, and attached it to his riding mower/tractor. He spaced the slats a specific distance apart, just the right width to tuck tools in between the slats. But it's original purpose was that it was just the right width of tobacco leaves, so you could tie the leaves to the slats. They'd plant 7 rows of tobacco then leave one row empty to ride the cart through to make tobacco hauling easier. He also made a step stool when his daughters were young to get up to the wagon. I asked Lindbergh what he farmed the most. Tobacco & cotton were the cash crops. He also grew peanuts & then soybeans in later years.

I saw this huge tree in his yard, very old, with metal patches on the tree. It worked well. I saw the pitch of the roof had been raised. Lindbergh said it needed to be fixed, & Lindbergh, his wife & young daughters did it. I've never known anyone to just fix their entire roof when it needed to be done! So I was seriously impressed with how self sufficient he was. Lindbergh also said his house used to have old weatherboard. But the cost to paint it was so expensive it was about the cost to put brick up. So they took down the weatherboard & put up brick, & he now has a brick house. I met Lindbergh's border collie who did tricks for us. His dog also rounds up the cows for him.

Lindbergh grew up the 8th child, of 10 children in his family. He was the son of James Oliver Tudor & Nancy Elizabeth Kidd. His first name is Oliver, after his father, but he always went by Lindbergh. I had seen Lindbergh spelled several different ways on records & asked how he spelled it. He said he spelled it "Lindbergh" & showed me a boat oar with his name engraved on it. Lindbergh said growing up he hated getting his hair cut, because it often had bits of tar in it from the tobacco fields. He went to the old Bracey school for elementary school with Bessie Nash as his teacher. He also went to LaCrosse high school.  He loved rabbit hunting with his friend, who he called F.A., which was short for Foxhall Alexander Poythress (Jr). (They were second cousins, friends & neighbors.) FA is the one that introduced Lindbergh to his wife. Lindbergh was married on Dec 7th, and affectionately teased his wife about it being on the same day as Pearl Harbor. ( He was married 5 years after Pearl Harbor) I told him my sister was called a "Pearl Harbor baby" so he liked that. If you look in the book: The Heritage of Mecklenburg County, Virginia 1765-2006, Lindbergh is on pg 32. He is in picture 64 & 65, of Bracey Elementary School.

Mr. Tudor passed away last month. So I wanted to share a few memories I had about him.