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21 March 2010

Bartlette Kidd and Varinda Taylor's children

Attached are pictures I took of a few tombstones. Cemetery names are in the text of this message. 
Here is the link to the cemetery on the Cemeteries of Brunswick County page, where George W Kidd is buried. http://www.brunswickcemeteries.org/HTML/rawlings.htm
Bartlette was son of John B. Kidd and Elizabeth Rainey. Virinida was daughter of James B. Jones and Martha Newman. Here's a little about the rest of Bartlette's children:

Bartlette Kidd and Virinida Jones had 5 children:

1) Charles William Kidd was born 19 Jun 1854. He married Sally Elizabeth Rainey, then Martha Moore, then Lucy Burton.   Charles died in 1919, and is buried at Kingswood Cemetery.  I know of 9 children for Charles. (Was Martha Moore related to Mattie Sue Moore that his brother George married?) (My notes from Judy Tudor, interviewing relatives said Charles was buried at Kingswood. I did not see a tombstone, so must be unmarked grave.)

2) George Washington Kidd was born 15 Feb 1857. He married Elizabeth J. King. Then he married Mattie Sue Moore. George died 10 Aug 1907 & is buried in the Rawlings, Moore, Williams Cemetery, in Brunswick County. (see link above, for map, pictures & further info). I know of 7 children for George. Tombstone pictures attached.

3) James "Jimmy" John Kidd was born 10 Dec 1858. He married Nannie Elizabeth Gray, (His first cousin. Nannie's mother Sarah Elizabeth Jones, and Jimmy's mother Virinda Jones were sisters.) Jimmy and Nannie had 8 children. Jimmy, Nannie, several children and grandchildren are buried at Rehoboth church, on Blackridge Rd.

4) Samuel Kidd was born Jan 1860. He married Lorena Rideout.  I don't know much about him, except from a chancery, where his wife was an heir to the DT Rideout land. This property adjoined John C. Jones land, another sibling of Jimmy Kidd's mother and mother-in-law. I believe this plat and property to be at the corner of Tolbert and Blackridge Rd. Four children were listed in the chancery. Lorena died in 1905. See posting 23 Feb 2009, with the plat.

5) Elizabeth Othelia Bart Kidd was born 7 Aug 1862. She married William Henry Taylor. She died 25 Dec 1921. I know of 1 child for her.

Bartlette Kidd died during the Civil War, on 19 Mar 1862. Virinda had a second marriage to James H. Taylor, 20 Dec 1865. They had Andre Taylor abt 1867, William A. Taylor abt 1868, John Taylor abt 1870, Jacob Taylor abt 1871,  and Walton Taylor abt 1872.

Virinda Jones died 18 Jun 1889. I am still looking for the Kidd and  Jones and Taylor family cemeteries. I only have Virinda and her family through the 1880 Census.  Of all the siblings of Varinda and Bartlette (Varinda was one of 15, and Bartlette was one of 11), I've only found 3 tombstones: Varinda's youngest sibling James Newman Jones was married to Sarah E. Burton. They are both buried at Rehoboth church. Also Thomas Newman B. Jones is buried in the Baird-Wray cemetery in Ebony. I only found one of Bartlette's siblings and that's Elizabeth Kidd married to Miles B. Hall, in their family cemetery.

07 March 2010

Arimenta Kidd's family

Granderson F. Glover was a great grandpa of mine. He was born in Warren County, NC and moved with his family to Jackson County, TN then to Smith County, TN. He married Clarkey Anderson (her sister had seizures) and had three daughters: Dorcas, Tabitha and Tennessee (Her daughter had seizures). Clarkey died after the 1850 Census, but before 22 Jun 1854 when Granderson married Arimenta Kidd. Granderson & Arimenta married in Warren County, NC. Granderson's parents and siblings and their families were all in Smith County TN. So I was surprised that a young widow, with 3 small daughters would travel back to near where he grew up, and leave all his family behind.  He was married soon after moving to Mecklenburg, so I can't help wondering if he might have known Arimenta? Ganderson's mother was Elizabeth Cannon. I known Cannon is a very common name, but it isn't in this area of Mecklenburg and Warren County. So I'm hoping to one day find out if there is (or isn't) a connection between Granderson Glover & Archie Cannon. Arimenta Kidd inherited land from her father John B. Kidd. On her plat, it showed Nelly Jones Rd as the north boundary of her property. Archie Cannon was on the adjoining property and was Arimenta Kidd's brother-in-law. I believe from the dates that Granderson did live with Arimenta on her land on Nelly Jones Rd. Both Arimenta and Granderson attended Rehoboth church off Blackridge Rd. (Blacks Rd back then).

Arimenta had 4 children with Granderson Glover:
*** 1) Mary Elizabeth "Betty Glover" born abt 1855. She married James Lundy Clary and is buried at Old Pleasant Hill Church Cem. in Gasburg (Brunswick), VA. (She had seizures.)
*** 2) Richard Field Glover was born 24 Aug 1856. He married Laura Lee Quigly & is buried in Rehoboth Church in Lunenburg County, VA.
*** 3) Oliver P. Glover was born 10 May 1859. He married Orrie F. ____. He is also buried in Rehoboth Cemetey that is in Lunenburg County.
*** 4) Christine Anne "Minnie" Glover was born 27 Jul 1861. She married Charles Allen Tudor. She is buried in Rehoboth Church in Mecklenburg, VA. (Off Blackridge Rd.)

Granderson Glover joined the Confederate Army at age 45, in 1861. He was listed at least 10 years younger on his muster rolls, then he really was. In 1864 he spent much of the year sick, in and out of hospitals. The last Muster Roll page said he was "honorably discharged. Reason being over age." But he never made it home. My family guesses he died from sickness on the way home. He enlisted in TN and was near his brothers, uncles & cousins during the war. It's a long way home from eastern TN to Mecklenburg when you've been sick a lot.

Arimenta Kidd then married another Confederate, Robert R. Carroll, on 20 Jun 1866. That marriage record is attached. Arimenta & Robert Carroll had the following children:
*** 1) Robert "Pete" Carroll born abt 1868.
*** 2) William J. "Buck" Carroll born abt 1869. He married Mary Nora Thomas 5 May 1902. Then he married Bessie Abenback 5 Jan 1905.
*** 3) Thomas Carroll born 23 Oct 1874. He married Addie Blanche Crowder. He is buried in a Carroll family Cemetery in Brunswick, VA.

I was amazed as I learned about my family that there were women with seizures, and it was on the Glover and Anderson line. I have had neurological problems for years too, & it was interesting to see it's a challenge my family has had for awhile. Fortunately I finally discovered my neurological trigger was gluten. But unfortunately these women dealt with it their whole lives.  Granderson's grand daughter Theresa India Dortch died from a seizure in 1896. My friend has a Physicians Desk Reference from 1890, and it says sadly, that the treatment for seizures at that time was Mercury & Arsenic. Can you imagine?!