I realized quickly, with the lack of records for my family, that I’d really have to “think outside the box”. I LOVE to interview people, and ask about "the older days" in Mecklenburg. I also study USGS maps, plats, read chanceries, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try help preserve some of those memories people share with me. Feel free to sign my guestbook stating surnames you are looking for, who you're related to etc. Always a work in progress, a work that I truly love!

23 March 2011

Current project: Adding records into my tree on Ancestry.com

The last three weeks, I've been adding and linking in hundreds of sources, into my tree on Ancestry.com. If you are related to families that were in Bracey, Blackridge and Ebony...such as Jones, Kidd, Poythress, Gray, Clary, Lambert, Taylor, Tudor, Glover, Rottenberry, Ridout, Lynch, Dortch...if you'd like to see updates to the tree, send me an email and I'll send you an invitation to my tree. I'm currently adding in Census and military records I had already downloaded for my records, for the last several years. I'm also adding in tombstone pictures I've taken. I'm also adding in links to my tree, such as Cemeteries of Brunswick County  that give the GPS and cemetery info to go with the tombstone picture or two I posted. I will also post those pictures on findagrave.com. Also, a little at a time I'm adding in records I have found in courthouses, and at the Library of Virginia (LVA). Most of the records I've scanned, will go into my tree next the next round of posting records. I expect this project to take a good 6 months, maybe a year to get everything posted and linked in my tree. Then as I scan the last of my records, I'll post those too. You know, it's always a work in progress!! I do love that there are always things to learn and find.

I'm not so happy with a lot of my tombstone pictures I took, pre-digital days, where I didn't see my shadow over half the picture; or that I took a really crooked picture leaning around a tree to get a half way hidden tombstone, but didn't give myself enough room to rotate and crop the picture. So I'm making a list of pictures I want to re-take, and more cemeteries I want to finish taking the rest of the pictures in the cemetery. And then of course I want to find some old family cemeteries to take pictures of. For now, I'm just posting the pictures I'm not so happy with, cropped really close, with a notation posted with the picture, that I plan to re-take that picture. I have also realized a big mistake I made. I first went to cemeteries like Rehoboth Church cemetery and only took the Gray and Kidd tombstone pictures. Then I realized more and more people were related, so I had to go back and take more pictures. (or still need to for some cemeteries) Also, when I post pictures, people are telling me thanks, they've never seen the cemetery, and they live too far away to get pictures themselves. I want to avoid the mistake of needing to go back. So now I will just take pictures of the whole cemetery. I can share the ones I don't know who they are, on findagrave.com, and someone related will find the picture and know. 

So there's an update on my current work in progress, and my plan for the next 6 months.